In the heart of Italy is born Ômina Romana,
A wine to be discovered

We have combined our experience and study of the territory, the craftsmanship and wisdom of our expert winemakers to create a wine that has already been acclaimed by national and international wine critics.


100% Made in Italy

From the cultivation of grapes to bottling, each process of the Ômina Romana wine is carried out in Italy.

Handcrafted product

Our wine is produced by our skilled hands and by people who have the desire to give life something that leaves its mark.

High Quality

The entire production chain is rigorously studied and selected: from the sowing of the vine to delivery to the customer.

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The vineyards of Ômina Romana, near Velletri, are located about 200 meters high and 25 kilometers from the sea.

We take care of the vines with low yields per hectare, selecting the bunches and possibly the grape both in the vineyard and in the cellar to proceed subsequently to the transformation at a controlled temperature.

Our range of products shows various distinctive characters: elegant and soft, intense and complex, with delicate but mature fruity notes, up to wines of great character and finesse.

These characteristics differ slightly every year, it is our aspiration which is able to instill the character according to the peculiarity of the year, because we want our wines to convince already when young, while being able to age and mature further.

Finally, to guarantee the singular and unmistakable Ômina Romana style.


More than 2725 positive reviews



The interaction between climate and soil, as well as the knowledge and experience of the people involved in the vineyard, are the basis of the production of our wine.

We planted each of our vines after a careful evaluation of the environmental characteristics in which Ômina Romana stands; we have taken care of them for years and cultivated them in harmony with nature to produce – attentive to the best balance point – a few bunches per plant.

After the harvest, to obtain wines with an unmistakable character, we work the grapes without forcing the processes, giving each of our wines time and rest to mature: an effort to achieve a final result that expresses the high quality standard and the pure passion lavished in the vineyard and cellar.

In essence, it is the enhancement of an ancient terroir with an incomparable millenary history.

Heinz Beck , chef of La Pergola restaurant, awarded with three Michelin stars , is a supporter of Ômina Romana.

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Receive a 15% discount on your first purchase


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